Founded by Rev. Michelle Dowell-Vest, The Women’s Hypnosis & Healing Collective is an emerging healing arts collective. WHHC serves to offer holistic and non traditional healing services, education, access support and community resources. Our mission is to serve the diverse needs of women through intentional inclusion, education and community building.


WHHC is launchng in phases beginning January 2018

  • Phase one serves to introduce the collective to the local community.  We will launch hypnosis services, coaching programs and workshops. We wish to collaborate with and support the established local network of healing arts practitioners and develop a community advisory board.
  • Phase two is the launch of The Healing Toolbox.  A podcast of conversations with women healers to explore and share a multidimensional scope of holistic healing services, initiatives and activism.
  • Phase three is the opening of our permanent location, The Cottage. The Cottage will offer community education space and private treatment/service rooms to members of the collective.


We believe women are self-defining, multidimensional and distinct.

We believe gender identity is self-defining and only done by an individual person in a way that is significant to them. This space is for people who identify with the expansive experience of womanhood.  This is inclusive of gender-queer, non-binary and trans identified persons.

We are an intentionally inclusive collective. In our planning and community involvement our goal is to center the voices of the most socially marginalized. Our vision is to build programs that build bridges to each other without harming or requiring emotional labor from those who have historically been silenced and traumatized by racism, sexism, patriarchy, religion, classism, ableism, ageism, nativism and colonialism.

We recognize the multi-layered intersections of both oppression and privilege and support the work of women who uplift women through intersectionality and the use of individual privilege for the healing of all women.

We believe all healing is defined as an autonomous act of self care directed only by the individual woman.


We are always looking to connect with healing arts practitioners of hypnosis, massage, reiki, holistic talk therapy, grief workers, coaches, intuitive energy work, kinesiology, acupressure, homeopathy, aromatherapy, naturopathic medicine, ayurvedic medicine,  midwifery & doulas, hypno-birthing, hypno-fertility or any other non traditional healing or health and wellness modality.

This Is Our Healing Space