Ministerial Services


I am a nurturing, intuitive, eclectic, full service Metaphysical Minister, Hypnotist, and Life Coach. My leaning is strongly toward inclusive feminist centered spirituality.

As an ordained Minister with the International Metaphysical Ministry, my focus is to serve the Metaphysical, Pagan, LGBTQ, Poly, Agnostic and Non-religious communities with their needs for ad hoc ministerial services.

I perform the following types of services:

Metaphysically centered coaching

  • Treatments
  • Visualization/Meditation coaching


  • Full service marriage ceremony
  • Pre-ceremony coaching & blessing
  • LGBTQ marriage & commitment ceremonies
  • Poly commitment ceremonies
  • Handfasting/Pagan marriage rites
  • Non-religious marriage ceremonies

Family Blessings

  • New baby/welcoming ceremony
  • Family blending ceremony
  • Adoption/Welcoming ceremony

Home Blessing Coaching

  • New Home Blessing
  • Energy Clearing

Transitional Ceremonies/Blessings

  • Divorce/Going of the Ways Ceremonies
  • Gender Affirming/Name change ceremonies
  • Job/Career changes and release
  • Other life change/transition ceremonies

End of Life Ceremonies/Blessing 

  • End of life blessing, karma clearing and release hypnosis
  • Transition/passing rites for those transitioning
  • Family blessings and healing ceremonies
  • Funeral and transition service/ceremony