Going to the Chapel…

We’ve all heard that 1964, Dixie Cups song, “Going To The Chapel”. It conjures up warm and fuzzy feelings of June weddings, bridesmaids and rice beings thrown into the air… However, for some of us, a wedding industry wrought with Christian and hetero-normative ideals of marriage and weddings have left many in love frustrated, rejected and vulnerable.

In my own life, while planning our wedding, My wife and I were faced with having to come out with every vendor to ensure they were affirming to LGBTQ families. Sometimes they were and sometimes they weren’t. It was always awkward.

Online perusing meant sorting through images of couples that didn’t look like us. For a non-conforming couple like us, the added pressure of navigating an industry that made little effort to affirm us, made the planning just a tad more hectic than it needed to be.

The most important decision of our day was who would marry us. Neither of us participated in a mainstream religion. We weren’t interested in a courthouse ceremony. We didn’t know an officiant other than myself. Luckily, we were married in D.C. and the District has a very accommodating law that allows couples to marry themselves as long as there were witnesses.  D.C. is unique in this way. I don’t think any other states allow this.

So, the question of who will marry the many couples who don’t identify with the default imaginary of the wedding industry still remains. What are the options?

Me.. I’m an option.

I am no longer just an officiant, but a full service Ordained Minister with the International Metaphysical Ministry. This means that my ordination complies with all state laws about who can and can’t marry folks. My ministry’s focus is to serve the Metaphysical, Pagan, LGBTQ, Poly, Agnostic and Non-religious communities with their needs for ad hoc ministerial services. Click Here for a link to all of the services I offer as a Minister.

I understand that marriage and commitment comes in diverse packages. I honor those diversities and would love to be the go to Minister for those looking to tie the knot, however that knot is tied. 

Over the years, I have performed many weddings. If there was one thing I have learned, it’s that every couple is special, unique and worthy of having their day fit their idea of perfect. 

To help ensure diverse couples have their special day, their way, I offer the following:

  • Full service marriage ceremony – includes rehearsal
  • Pre-ceremony coaching & blessing
  • LGBTQ marriage & commitment ceremonies
  • Poly commitment ceremonies
  • Handfasting/Pagan marriage rites
  • Non-religious/denominational marriage ceremonies

If you are interested in booking me for your special day, I would love to hear from you.