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I’m Michelle and welcome to my space. I’m so glad you are here.  

A little about me…


About My Work

I am a nurturing, intuitive, eclectic, full service Metaphysical Minister, Hypnotist, and Life Coach. My leaning is strongly toward inclusive feminist centered spirituality. As an ordained Minister with the International Metaphysical Ministry, my focus is to serve the Metaphysical, Pagan, LGBTQ, Agnostic and Non-religious communities with their needs for ad hoc ministerial services<—–  Click to see my offerings

My advocacy work centers around anti-racism, queer equality and survivors of sexual and physical violence. I am a sitting board member and Communications Director for Women Healing Women, an Atlanta 501(c)3 committed to the holistic healing of women survivors of sexual & domestic violence, and the subsequent secondary trauma, via support, education, advocacy, and counseling. We are particularly focused on long-term survivor issues and providing services to marginalized communities.

About My Education

I received a Bachelor’s of Metaphysical Science degree, Ministerial Ordination, and Metaphysical Practitioners Certificate from the University of Sedona in 2017. I am completing a Master’s of Metaphysical Science degree and writing my thesis on the historical intersections of the spiritual community and social activism. I’m highlighting how spiritual bypassing robs the collective conscious of engaged social change agents. My goal is to pen a guide to creating an inclusive and socially active ministry. Following acceptance of my Master’s thesis, I begin studies for a PhD in Philosophy with an emphasis in Holistic Life Coaching. I am currently in a year long hypnosis certification program and graduating in December 2017. 

About My Writing 

In 2016, I joined the Amazon #1 Best Selling Author club for my selection in the transformative anthology, The Strength of My Soul. In my chapter, Mitochondrial Semantics, I share how my relationship with my mother and my personal healing journey all intersect in my quest to living my most inspired life. This work also was featured as a 2016 VOTY from BlogHer and I was a cast member in the 2016 cast of Listen to Your Mother. I have been a writer and podcaster on a collective of forums since 2010.


About My Future Plans

In 2018, I am launching The Women’s Hypnosis & Healing Collective and creating coaching programs that use hypnosis, coaching theory and personal ritual as a means to discovering the transformative power we all hold to heal ourselves so that we can live full, emotionally wealthy and free lives.


About My Family

I live in Houston, TX with my wife Teresa and our dogs Ollie and August. I’m a mother of three adults and a Nona (because I’m far too young to be called granny) to 7 incredible human beings who will change the world.

Again, Welcome to my space.  

Forget the path, follow your heart

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